Nelson, I'll be back for you...

13 days, 9 hotels, 37+ hours of driving and many adventures along the way. My two week New Zealand road trip was like one of those taster platters on the menu – just enough to whet your palate, so you know what to order for the main course. In just 2 weeks, we covered so much ground on the North and South Island, and managed to sleep in a new town almost every night. We stayed in so many cute places, met so many kind and interesting people, and selected some really quaint and affordable accommodations – many of which I plan on returning to.

Return to Mordor

One does not simply walk into Mordor – she hikes, hobbles, trips, slips, gets back up and continues forward. In the end, it’s all worth it.

Somehow what was supposed to be a long relaxing holiday weekend in Lake Taupo turned into 7 hours of hiking nearly 18km across an active volcano. But I have no regrets!

Buried Village, Digging Up more Adventure!

Before we left Roturua, we made a final stop at the Buried Village. The Buried Village was established by a European Christian missionary in the 1840s and was a model village where both Maori and European settlers lived. In 1866, Mt. Tarawera erupted burying the village and more than 150 people in its mud and ash. The eruption also took with it, the eighth wonder of the world: The Pink and White Terraces.