Taking a bite out of Wellington

Yes, I'm still going on about my little weekend in Wellington. I can't help it. It's just a special little city that really left me feeling inspired. It combined all of my favorite things (the things I like to blog about) travel, design, and food.

My favorite and most leisurely part of our visit was exploring the restaurant scene. Just steps outside of my hotel, there were tons of restaurants to choose from.

Wellington by design

Picturesque and pleasing, weird and wacky, Wellington is buzzing with an energy of creativity and youth. In the mornings, hipster design students can be found walking to the Victoria University campus with Apple laptops and portfolios in tow, as Wellingtonians head to work and tourists head to brunch and the vintage shops along Cuba Street.

Wicked Wellington Weekend

Wellington, Wellywood, The Capital of Cool, call it what you will… New Zealand’s capital certainly lives up to its reputation. Last week Joe and I ventured to the bottom of the North Island (and the world’s most southern capital) for a taste of the city life. I’ve never considered myself much of a metropolitan lady, but I must admit it was surprisingly refreshing and energizing to take a break from the quieter life of Napier.