We have little blue penguin visitors!

Super exciting news... we've got penguins at our house!

The other night while sitting on the couch watching TV, Joe and I heard the most unusual noise outside. We paused the program and stopped to listen. What on earth is that? 

We opened the door and to our surprise, there was a little blue penguin hiding under the garden box! Joe crouched down to get a closer look and the brave little penguin emerged. My bird-nerdiness went off the charts!

We decided to call him Jimmy.

Little Blue Penguins are known to live along New Zealand's coastline, but having lived on the coast for a while, I was starting to doubt their existence. 

They're the world's smallest penguin, standing at about 25cm and weighing about 1 kilo of blue cuteness. Adult birds come ashore between May and June to prepare nests and waddle up to 1.5 km from the sea, and climb 300 m to find the perfect nest site. 'Nest Hunters International' - Let's hope our place makes the cut, because I would just die if we get baby penguins waddling around the property! 

The next evening at about the same time we heard the squawking again, but this time twice the noise.  We opened the door to find two penguins on the steps! 

Looks like Jimmy the penguin has taken a lover. Meet Roxanne.

Once again I exploded with penguin excitement - not only because they were so cute, but because only in New Zealand (and maybe Australia) do you get penguins on your door step!

Earlier this year, we paid money to see penguins on the South Island, and here they were outside my house!

They didn't seem to be bothered by our presence and just continued to go about their business. Since that night, my ears have been perked for penguin noises, but we haven't seem them again. Hopefully they've found a suitable spot to nest and we'll be seeing more of Jimmy and Roxanne in the future! I'll keep you posted!


You can learn more about the Little Blue Penguin at through the New Zealand Department of Conservation