Royals & Road Trips: In preparation for New Zealand VIPs

Have you heard the news? We've got some pretty important people staying in New Zealand over the next few weeks... the Royal Family, and of course, my mom and dad. ;) So much to get excited about!

No offense to Will & Kate, but I think our 13-day road trip is going to kick their trip's butt. First off, no need for royal jets here; "Murray", our Subaru, will lead the way (I hope). We'll start by picking my parents up in Auckland, and over the course of two weeks make our way down to the Southern Alps, hike a glacier, then head back up to Nelson on the South Island where we'll go our separate ways, and they'll head back to the states.

Our road trip itinerary.

Our road trip itinerary.

I don't see any hot water beaches or glacier hikes on Will & Kate's itinerary, just sayin'.

Since New Zealand internet can be incredibly slow and incredibly spotty, next week, I plan on taking a short hiatus from blogging while I travel. But you can still follow snippets of our adventures by liking the Miracle & Wander facebook page. I hope you'll join me! See you soon.