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Planning a trip to New Zealand? Have a travel story to share or a question to ask? Want to share your travel-inspired home decor or favorite recipe with me? Or maybe you're just itching to say hello. Shoot me an email! Or send me a message via facebook or twitter.

I love connecting with other bloggers, and exchanging tips and stories. So if you've got tips for me or are interested submitting a guest post to Miracle & Wander, I'd love to hear from you. Miracle & Wander warmly welcomes submissions regarding travel, as well as travel-inspired design (interior, graphic and fine art) and food.

I'm hoping to travel more around the Southern Hemisphere in 2014, so if you've got recommendations on must-see places, accommodations, creative little shops, yummy restaurants or incredible dive spots, I'm all ears. I look forward to connecting!

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