Hi, I'm Elizabeth! Most everything I do and buy and eat is inspired by places I've been or aspire to go. A blanket reminds me of that hotel in Mexico. A macaroon takes me back to Laduree in Paris. My inner project manager has me perpetually planning my next trip. And my conflicting desires to both travel the world and nest at home, have me filling my spaces with things from worldly places. This blog is the meeting place for the things I love: travel, design and food.

During my time in New Zealand (and beyond) I plan to share my travel stories, cooking experiments and design inspiration, as I explore and settle into the Southern Hemisphere.

From an early age, my parents instilled in me a love of travel (and scuba diving), taking my sister and I on trips each summer to places like Mexico, Belize, Turks & Caicos, Grand Cayman and the Dominican Republic. My heart belongs to the Caribbean. But it was my 2008 study abroad trip to Ireland, Scotland, London and Paris that fed my wanderlust, and also inspired me to explore life outside of my hometown in Louisiana.

I graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Mass Communications: Advertising, and moved to sunny San Diego for 3 years where I lived by the beach and worked at a branding and interactive agency.

It was my love of travel, (and an Englishman) that brought me to Napier, New Zealand. After three years of a long distance relationship, traveling to and from England every few months, and lots of saving in between, we finally decided to bridge the gap and meet in New Zealand. Let the adventure begin! Thanks for following me on this journey. I hope you'll find a bit of inspiration here.

What's in a name?

These are the days of miracle and wonder. This is a long distance call.

The name "Miracle & Wander" was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Paul Simon. As my flight to New Zealand took off, I tried to shut out my anxiety by jamming to a little Paul Simon, which was always playing in my house as a kid. When "Boy in the Bubble" started playing, I felt a rush of excitement for my new adventure. I feel truly blessed that life has led me in this unusual direction, and I hope to do a bit of wondering and wandering in this next chapter. These are the days.